Effects of Covid-19

As we all know, Covid 19 (otherwise known as the Corona Virus) has really hit our world hard. The peril this virus has caused our nation and beyond is hard to even conceptualize. 


How does Covid 19 affect us? On April 8, 2020 Governor Kate Brown announced the official switch to full virtual learning for Oregon Public Schools. This means that no student of any public school in Oregon will return to in-person classes. Everything has switched to an online format, with teachers using Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Classroom and Clever as tools to teach students for the rest of the year. Lets strip it down and answer some specific questions we have been asked. If you still have questions, please feel free to email us at barlowvips@yahoo.com



What happened to the musical?

Our Spring Musical, 42nd Street has unfortunately been cancelled. Mr. Schroeder did absolutely everything he could to avoid this, but obviously not returning to school has completely backed us up against a wall. There would be no way to perform this musical. However, Mr. Schroeder has some sneaky ideas in the works that may provide our students an opportunity to perform in a different way. (More on that later)

What are students doing for class?

Theatre classes are still in full swing! Students obviously do not attend physical classes, but the virtual classes are alive and well, thanks to Mr. Schroeder. The members of the Thespian Board are also still working hard to help the rest of the students during this time. They are still having meetings over Zoom and doing the best they can to maintain normalcy during this unprecedented time.

Will there still be an awards night?

On May 29th at 6:00pm Mr. Schroeder will host a virtual Awards Night! This Awards Night will include the presentation of awards to actors, techies, and more! Mark your calendars now to watch!

We know State and Nationals were cancelled, so now what?

As far as our Theatre Department, all in-person competitions have been cancelled such as the Oregon State Thespian Festival, as well as the International Thespian Festival. Although the in-person competitions have been cancelled, the Oregon Thespians have figured out a way to create a virtual “showcase” of sorts, in which students that qualified for Regionals have the opportunity to send in a recorded audition, giving them the chance to be a part of this showcase. A handful of our kids sent in auditions, and two were selected! Andrew Schroeder was selected to sing his solo musical Movin Too Fast from The Last 5 years, and Sarah Beckers was selected to show her makeup design! They are calling this “Friday Night Spotlights” and will be streaming April 17.


What happens to the choral competitions?

As far as choral competitions, they have all unfortunately been cancelled. The majority of these competitions happen in the month of May, meaning that there is no way for them to continue. This includes State Ensemble and State Solo, as well as any competition that Bruin Choir or either Treble Choir would have been invited to.


What does class look like now?

Thanks to Mrs. Schroeder, choir classes are still happening virtually. Students are asked to set aside at least 10 minutes a day to warm up their voices, as well as logging on and attending Choir Classes a few times a week. The Choir Committee is also doing their best to maintain their meetings through Zoom. Mrs. Schoreder has also moved to doing private mini-voice lessons over Zoom for some students in Barlow Sound. 

What about Choir Tour?

Although we weren’t too terribly far into planning Choir Tour, it has been cancelled. However, next year Mrs. Schroeder has some BIG ideas for tour! Stay tuned here and our facebook page for all announcements. 

Is Spring Sing cancelled?

We have been forced to cancel Spring Sing this year, which is a real bummer. Spring Sing usually has a very large turnout, meaning that we would be well over the limit set by the Governor. We are bummed, but we know this is the safest option, and safety is always our #1 concern.

How can I help?

By following the link below you can donate directly to the Barlow Theatre Program. As you can imagine, this has put immense financial strain on the department, so if you feel so moved, please consider donating.