A huge shout out to out generous meal sponsors for our upcoming dinner theatre production of Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940's!

At the beginning of the school year, we were told by contractors that bond renovations to the Performing Arts building will not be complete in time for us to produce a show in December. This news made us look at producing a musical in the spring, we all agreed that doing White Christmas in May would not be desirable. We are happy to announce that our new musical this year will be the Broadway sensation 42nd Street! While we are sad to say goodbye to White Christmas, we believe 42nd Street will be a stunning spectacle to open up our new auditorium. This decision does affect the rest of our season and is forcing us to move the performance dates of Children Of A Lesser God from March to December. We are also happy to announce that we are adding the hilarious farce The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) to our season in March to open our new Black Box. We understand the season changes affect patrons who have already purchased tickets, and patrons will be refunded this week and new promotional materials will be sent out soon. We apologize for the inconvenience this change has made, but we hope to still see you at our shows, as we have planned a great line up

A huge congratulations to our amazing graduates!

You did it! We are so proud of you, don't be strangers! 

(P.S - Don't forget about us when you're famous)

VIP Props Awards 2018-2019:





















The VIP Props award is a new recognition program the VIPS have put into affect this year. The intention behind the award is: "In recognition of an outstanding student going above and beyond for the benefit of others, expecting nothing in return."  Each student was given a certificate as well as a Dutch Bros gift card. They were presented with their awards at the Thespian Awards Night in May. This year we will be on the lookout for students we feel we should give "props" to. Remember, this doesn't necessarily need to be a student within the program. Like this second list, we may choose siblings or other community members. These awards are up for grabs! We are proud to present the recipients for the 2018-2019 season. 

Briella Cabbage - For her help in cleaning the Salem house during the Mamma Mia state trip,


Cooper Marr - For his help is cleaning the Salem house during the Mamma Mia state trip.


Shyloh Peckham- For taking home Crucible costumes and mending them without being asked to.


Grace Sayles - For being an outstanding (FRESHMAN!!!)  assistant stage manager, and still managing to constantly check in on the moms to see if we needed anything. 


Jerry James Tinio - For his outstanding effort during Clue: On Stage in sweeping, cleaning, clearing tables, running errands, and alleviating stress from the VIPS. 

Emma Beckers - For her work in Salem steaming costumes for Mamma Mia at state. 


Sarah Ritter - For her help with makeup, and always volunteering her tie  during Mamma Mia! 1.0


Camden Schroeder - For being the best "popcorn master" in the entire world, and contributing to this program as much as the highschoolers do.


Evan White - For always showing up and being willing to take as many trips to the VIP closet as we ask her to, and never complaining.


Jade Young-Norris - For always helping prepare and serve rehearsal meals, and being an extra set of hands whenever we need. 

End of the year awards:


Gary St. John "Voice Building" Award












$100 toward classical voice lessons. Students voted on 6 promising peers that they felt should receive this honor. The scholarships were provided in part by the VIPS, Tony Lundervold, and the name sake of this award, Gary St. John, who was a choir director at Barlow for many years.

Stanley Johnson (Sophomore)

Willow Manwiller (Sophomore)

Audrey Thies (Sophomore)

Cameron Crammer (Junior)

Autumn Johnson (Junior)

Evelyn Whipps (Junior)



Superior Medals at State

Duo Acting - Katherine Hardenbergh & Avery White

Group Acting - Jordan Arthur, Kelly Giorgi, Dustin Grundmeyer, Autumn Johnson, Christian Maxey, Evelyn Whipps, Jordana Young

Costume Design - Shyloh Peckham

Stage Management - Jenny Bordine

Solo Musical - Emily Schneider 

International Honor Thespian

(Recieved letter and honor chords for serving at least 1800 hours in extra-curricular theatre arts activities)

Sarah Beckers - Jenny Bordine - Lexi Cheney - Jaclyn Jimison - Hannah Knoll - Shyloh Peckham - Emily Schneider - Avery White - Evelyn Whipps

Thespian Scholar List

(Member of the International Thespian Society and 3.0 GPA)

Emily Schneider

Savannah Serviss

Vice President's Scholar List

(Member of the International Thespian Society and 3.5 GPA)

Jennifer Bordine

Lexi Cheney

Shyloh Peckham

Avery White

President's Scholar List

(Member of the International Thespian Society and 4.0 GPA)

Katherine Hardenbergh

Jaclyn Jimison

Sherry Mindiola