In light of Covid-19 we wanted to make sure we honored this years Seniors. Please check out these two newsletters, and share as you feel led!


VIP Props Awards 2018-2019:





















The VIP Props award is a new recognition program the VIPS have put into affect this year. The intention behind the award is: "In recognition of an outstanding student going above and beyond for the benefit of others, expecting nothing in return."  In the past, these awards have been presented at the Awards Ceremony in May, but as we all know, this year did not go as planned. This year, these 9 students were recognized via a video made by Missy and Heidi, which was shown at the Virtual Awards night in May of 2020. Covid-19 has forced us to change the way we do a lot of things, but we were thankfully still able to give props to these astounding students. 


Grace Sayles - for learning sign language alongside her cast, even though as Stage Manager, she did not have to. 

Dustin Grundmeyer - for running constant errands for the VIPS during MCM while we were busy doing set up.

Bryce Coverdale - for walking to get M&H food in Downtown Gresham during MCM while they were doing hair

Lissy Ross - for taking the lead as a waiter during MCM and staying late to fold and organize all napkins and linens


Jen Coffman - for seamlessly transitioning into the department from out of state, and making us love her so fast. 

Evelyn Whipps - for choreographing the entire Courtyard fundraiser, and helping it succeed. 

Jordana Young - for being the last minute "Stage Manager" of the Courtyard fundraiser to help H&M

Dustin Bell - for being Head Usher during Shakespeare, and handling all of the name tags.

Brian Kilgore - for being enthusiastic and beyond helpful as a techie, while being so new to the program